Posted by : Koshime Friday, 17 July 2015

Convergence, the great technological design mantra and the worship of glass slabs of data may not necessarily be the intuitive everyday seamless magical experience for a connected Internet of Things for everyday objects.

More apps and interfaces do not help enhance our everyday experience. Instead, a deluge of data, emails, spam, newsflashes, weather reports ..they all could be displayed in a subtle persuasive technology, instead of a pervasive ever present spam of information.

“It took some time for me to understand why the smartphone, while convenient and useful for some tasks, is a dead end as the human-computer interface,” Rose writes in Enchanted Objects. “The reason, once I saw it, is blindingly obvious: it has little respect for humanity.”
“The big interface change enabled by these purpose-built, bespoke things is they can be so much simpler. They don’t have to do as much. I’ve always been drawn to human-computer interaction and interface design, making objects and services that interact in ways people feel are natural and intuitive.”
“The Apple Watch suffers from trying to do much,” Rose says. “The idea of an enchanted object really starts with something that’s ordinary. You start with something that’s familiar, and you’re adding a new sensor or display or feature.”

The indispensable parts that come next include simplicity and a sense of delight.

Source: IOT and Enchanted Objects

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